I just want to say that although this is an opinionated article and I may not fully agree with the points presented, I really enjoyed the way you presented the arguments.

A part of me disagree with you on the monoliths, but throughout the course of my career I've seen situations where I mumbled to myself "Why don't we try basics like monolith and start going from there?", usually when business or product peeps comes in and expect super fast development and time to market window is very small, so yeah I totally understand your points here.

Also, monoliths doesn't mean "unstructured" or "messy", it just means all the logics are centralized. Monoliths can still be modularized and organized. It does present some disadvantages; but really the situation may vary from one to another so we can't really say "Uh monoliths are bad, microservices are good hurr durr". It really depends on the needs really.

I still prefer microservices, but I can see why one wants to start with monoliths first, even though I really think it may present problems in the future.

Anyway, great article!



Software Developer @ DANA

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