I think your article touched a very soft spot in my mind, triggering all the bad experiences I had with bad interviewers.. What a great article !

I had an experience where by at that time ,I had a 4-year in Java and SpringBoot experience, and the interviewers asked me to do FizzBuzz on Java on a white board with 5 people judging you on the spot. Well that’s just not worth it.

Another time, I was asked about some data structures questions and I was so just not into the conversation that I actually muttered “I’d google that and found out what that is.”. The interviewer, which would have been my boss, boasted that a “real programmer” must know all the data structures. I asked him to block google for one day in his office and see what happened. Needless to say, I did not get the job. Worth it.

However, I understand why the current process that we see now, became what it is now. The current Industry (or at least in my country) is very rough and unstandardized. Many candidates feel like they can bluff their way out of a coding interview, which makes companies wary of them and try to be as rigid and restrictive as possible. I understand that.

So there are two sides on this coin.



Software Developer @ DANA

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